Letting your “yes” be “yes”


a stranger in my own land

Do commitments mean anything anymore?  Too often we say things like “I promise”, “I love you”, and “Yeah, sure” without giving any thought to what that means and what cost might be associated with fulfilling the meaning of these words.  The evidence of this is all around us and something has to change.

**Disclaimer: political thoughts below**

It is for this reason that I was at first interested in checking out, and am now a full member of, an organization that seeks to remind those that have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America of what that oath, and the document that the oath is stated to defend, really means.

Whether or not you have ever taken the oath as a public servant or defender, I would encourage you to look at this organization if you value the Constitutional freedoms and responsibilities that are granted to those…

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