One more week….


Lok Sabha 2014 elections

My Boundless Thoughts

It’s here. It’s there.

It’s every, everywhere.

Wondering what this is about?

No, it’s not some dumb riddle.

I am talking about the upcoming Lok Sabha 2014 elections.


Blaring Television ads and news channels (they seem to be doing the same function, if you know what I mean). The countless hoardings and posters (No chamchagiri on the walls please). Radio Jockeys going gaga over it (I’m curious to know how much did you earn out of it). Newspapers drenched with corny headlines and stories (Can it be any more fabricated?). And Social Media all guns up and provocative about it (Stop quarreling with people. If you have an opinion, they have theirs. And that isn’t wrong!).

A hundred interviews. A thousand promises.

A lakh blogs written. A crore memes shared.

It’s like a carnival going on all around.

*Disclaimer: The below characterization is entirely fictional. Please don’t mob properties….Oh…

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