Power Centers- Its always been there !!!!




These elections are of a peculiar taste for Indian democracy. We are talking about power centers and developments and yes, also about the patent election topics of cast creed and religion. But, in the end they all; i.e. the political parties, want to be termed as ‘secular.’

Talking about power centers, political analysts and critics and people who seem to have good knowledge about Indian scenario (I am not one of them btw), are fearing a centrally controlled government under BJP. ‘Modi will turn to be the one man army.’ They say. But why do we fear that, when we have lived for years under a government which never showed its real handler. UPA has shown, during both its turn, the maze of power, confusing one and every about who had the string of kite it flew, and flew for a long ten years. Aren’t we, the common man, aware…

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